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Below are some commonly used terms throughout my website and their definition.

Giclee printing--A French technique of fine art printing that means "to spray." Unlike traditional ink-jet printers, giclee printing uses pigment for the color of the ink, resulting in no significant fading of the print and has a life expectancy of 100-200 years. Giclee printing is also performed on artist's paper, increasing the value.

Oil paint--An art medium in which the artist uses paints that are a mix of linseed oil and pigment. Typically revered by collectors for its vibrancy and steadfastness.

Acid-free mats--A 4-ply stiff paper that is made for the purpose of presenting art without compromising the materials. All of my mats are individually measured and cut by hand.

Varnish--A protective top coat specifically for the use on paints. I use Gamvar and spray on varnishes. 

Cradled canvas/basswood--"Cradled" refers to the side profile depth of the artwork. Common depths on canvas and basswood are 3/4" and 1 1/2".  Artworks with a higher cradling depth are typically worth more due to their display impact.


My new edition prints are printed using archival giclee inks-this is a special type of art printing that is made to last. They are printed on matte artist's paper with gallery quality, either smooth or textured depending on the print. Each comes numbered and signed on the back, as well cataloged with the artwork information. All prints (excluding those on sale) come matt There are 4 double sided stickers for easy assembly, and the prints are 100% ready to hang. 

Enhanced prints are my standard prints with post-print brushstrokes or marks added. This makes the print a one-of-one collector's piece, and only a handful will be produced. All art is sealed with a coat of spray-on varnish, followed by a brush on varnish to ensure the art lasts for years. All matting and procedures performed on standard prints apply to enhanced prints.


My shipping mailer for standard size prints is a stiff cardboard envelope that is resistant to bending, and ALL shipments are insured. Sign for delivery is required for purchases $200 and above, I will contact you to arrange a delivery date and time after purchase :)


All of my original artwork is either in oil paint or oil pastels of various different brands, however my primary brands of paint are Winsor & Newton and Gamblin. These paints are of the highest quality, and I use only paint that has a lightfast rating of 1, meaning the pigment and vibrancy is meant to last for years. I paint on paper, canvas, and basswood; each surface undergoes a rigorous prepping process that includes sizing the front and back to seal out moisture. Canvas surfaces receives 1-3 layers of gesso with sanding in between. Basswood panels are sanded several times and treated, then the frame cradling is cut to size and handcrafted to the panel. All work is varnished with a variety of finishes, primary finishes include satin and gloss. All come ready to frame or hang. For specification or more info about a piece, please feel free to reach out.


Quality is my number one priority. If you for ANY reason feel as if the quality is not up to par, please contact me below.

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